Alizee Brion

August 1st, 2008 | Profiles

Name: Alizee Brion

Birthday: 14/12/1987

Seasons Competing: 4

Cable or Boat or Both? Cable

Sponsor shout out: DC Shoes and Relentless.

Hometown: Born in Paris, but I’m kind of homeless…

Current residence: London, for now.

Board set up: Shane, LF

Where is your riding crew based out of? Princes Cable, London

What is your favourite thing about wakeboarding? The feeling you get when you land a trick well, when it’s big or grabbed or something you’ve never done before.

Whats something unique about wakeboarding in your country? People travel to ride here even though it’s usually hotter in their country.

Where is your absolute favourite place to ride? Princes, without a doubt. It’s a short season but we have a sick cable, an amazing crew with so many good riders that are always pushing my riding.

Places you have traveled to for wakeboarding: Florida, Philippines, Australia, Holland, Hungary, Germany, Russia.

Favourite Rider: Ben Hitch

Favourite Animal: Sharks

Favourite Trick: S-Bend

Favourite Music: Mr Bob Dylan

What are some of your best results?

3rd Place World Championships 2008,

1st Place US National Championships 2006 and 2007

What are some of your thoughts on female wakeboarding at the pro level? It’s what I love doing more than anything in the world so I hope my body allows me to keep doing it as long as possible.

Props to anyone? Princes crew, Marky and Diego at Ski Rixen and Erika for setting this up… Peace.

Author: Ally

Ally Boothroyd created TID back in 2007 to help girls get some much deserved media presence on the web. She coaches several TID All Girls Clinics across Ontario, Canada. If you'd like to contribute content, photos, video or rider profiles please get in touch with her!


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